New Website a la Blogdown!

At least I accomplished something this internship! xD

By Daniel Chen

July 23, 2019

I finally got everything moved over to blogdown with the Hugo Academic theme. Thanks so much to Allison Hill, who ran the summer-of-blogdown tutorial for us RStudio interns.

The transition was pretty seamless. Mainly because I didn’t really have that much content to move over. The biggest change was I had to commout my categories tag in my YAML post headers becuase they were causing the site to not build.

While writing this post, I just realized that the way categories and tags are specified in hugo are not the same as jekyll.

In jekyll I could write categories as

categories: R


  - R

But in hugo it seems it’s a list written as

categories: ['R']

Anyway, it was fun going through and enabling/disabling different widgets. I’ll keep it simple for now, and build on the site accordinly. I’m just happy I can maintain my website without worrying how I had Jekyll setup to properly serve the site. The folks at RStudio truely make things easy for us end users.

The other change I did was to make my old repository, a submodule of my blogdown site repo and change the target folder the published contents will be from the default public by addding this to my main config.toml file

publishDir = ""

This way my old url will still work (I’m really attached to the domain), but I can still have netlify deploy everything and have my domain as well. Everything will look the same, and I’ll work on redirecting everything to a single domain sometime later.

I also needed to change the [build] section in my netlify.toml file to point to the new build location

  # publish = "public"
  publish = ""

Netlify is a little wonky when you have SSH keys enabled with the submodule. I get an error message because when Netlify tries to clone the submodule I get a permission error

fatal: clone of '' into submodule path '/opt/build/repo/' failed

That makes sense, the Netlify servers do not have SSH keys setup on my GitHub account. I haven’t figured out how to do this yet, so I switched my .gitmodule url to the https link. However, that means, for the time being, I created another remote with my SSH url (git remote add originssh ...) and I have to push using that remote instead of the origin url (which is the https link).

Now to start that massive backlog of things I’ve been doing this summer ( :

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July 23, 2019
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